The Rationals 1st Hit Record "Respect"

Signed by the Whole Group ~ 1967  Silverbell

In 1967, Silverbell, one of Punch Andrews "Hideout" Teen Clubs was active almost every weekend all year. I was just starting in the Light Show Business, and did occasional Light shows there. 3 different times, I took in Current Hit, 45 RPM records, of a group that was playing that night. Bob Segers, "East Side Story". He and the Group Signed it. The Rational's "Respect", and they all signed it. And the Turtles current hit, and they signed it. That one was destroyed when I left it on the dashboard and ran my defroster, severely melting and warping 3 or 4, 45's I had there. The signed Turtles one was lost forever then. Bob Seger's Signed record can be seen at  Here are photos of the Rationals Signed record.


The Rationals


Signed by Scott Morgan and the rest of the group.

The "A" side, "Respect", The Rational's fist and only hit to crack the National Charts

The "A" side is signed by Bill Figg at the lower right, and Terry Trabandt at the top. Unfortunately, the ballpoint pen was "Skipping", but it wrote well enough. They were all really nice about it and tried to press extra hard. You can see the dent in the paper from the pen. Below is a close-up of that area.



The "B" Side

Feelin' Lost

Scott Morgan signed the Lower right, He really pressed hard to try to make the pen write better, but it skipped through a lot of the "M" in Morgan. Steve Correll signed at the top. Here is a close up of that area.

I was fortunate to keep these two records, Bob Seger's "East Side Story" and The Rationals "Respect", Signed by the group members, all these years. A half Century! I could not find the "Rationals" record for about 10 years. Seger's was framed and on the wall. I finally found this in one of my Juke Boxes. It was labeled on the Selector Menu. I knew I had it somewhere. While adjusting the Juke box last week (5-03-2016), I saw it was on the Selector Menu, and not knowing of two copies I had, I knew  it was the signed one. I rotated the record carousel, and pulled it. and sure enough. 50 Years ago, I handed that record to each member of the group and asked them to sign it.

Ed "Colini" Smith May 17, 2016